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Making A Difference: Clothing That Gives Back

Making A Difference: Clothing That Gives Back

What an amazing time to be alive when brands are using their expertise in creativity and design to help causes around the world! Clothing that gives back to charitable organizations is not only a trend, but a new way to interact with the causes that you believe in.

What do you think differentiates one brand from another?

  • Price?
  • Quality?
  • Fit? 

In the world of women’s clothing, the truth is there's much more to consider.

Clothing has forever been a way of self-expression

Take a simple t-shirt for example. We all know the challenges in finding a great tee (maybe almost as challenging as finding that perfect pair of jeans).

You may be someone who only wears a tee when you think the occasion is casual. Others live in their tee - dressing it up with their favorite skirt for date night or wearing it to work paired with a light jacket.

There truly is no wrong way to wear a tee - it’s how you identify your own personal style. But personal style can go even further than the way the clothing itself makes you feel. Now it's possible to further express yourself by purchasing from brands that support the causes you believe in! Combining high quality, super comfy clothing while supporting a cause can create 'style magic'.

Every cause is important but not the same

Lifestyle brands like Serengetee, Wholesome Culture  Friendship Collar and of course, Wag On Project, all make products for you (and some for your furfriend) that benefit causes around the world. From supporting fabric makers and their families in Africa, Asia and Central America, to organizations that promote animal adoption and rescue, to groups that spread awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans - these brands and their products contribute to the ongoing trend of giving back.

When you purchased your favorite tee, was it because of it’s super soft fabric? Or because the sleeves landed on that perfect spot of your arm? Or was it because the brand donates to a cause that you believe in?

The point is, now you’re wearing your favorite tee and you feel great knowing you look amazing. Plus you have the opportunity to feel good while giving back to a greater cause other than, well... your closet.

At Wag On Project, we actually named one of our shirts the 'Your Everything' tee because not only is it the perfect fit and super soft, but 10% of the profits are donated to pet rescue and adoption! For us, that literally checks all the boxes.

white super soft v-neck shirt

The causes you believe in may be a little different, but there are so many amazing brands out there that you are sure to find your perfect fit.

Next time you’re casually window browsing or screen scrolling, consider what impact your style actually has because the truth is, clothing that gives back always feels better.

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